Wednesday, March 13, 2013

F.C. Bukett on Marcion

In my effort to give readers of this blog more content I am adding links to useful sites. This one influenced my thinking a great deal, and made me look at the heretics of the 2nd and 3rd century as part of the Church and not truly outside, part and parcel with its development.

Here is a link I found with the excerpt from: F.C. Burkett, The Gospel History and its Transmission 

Burkett gave me a healthier view, which allowed me to realize that the model I was using to understand the Heretics and the Orthodox views on God were wrong. The first time I read the article was a bit of an eureka moment, when I realized that the ditheism of Marcion only differed in terminology from the orthodox, and the assignment of the properties of Justice as not belonging to the high God. The two sides really did come from a single place. But a small difference quickly grew into a massive fissure - but I digress. Anyway enjoy Burkett, hopefully you'll get as much out of reading him as I did some years ago.

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