Friday, April 5, 2013

Marcionite Romans Interlinear (my 2009 version)

This is a quick post today. I put up my Romans Interlinear that I did back in 2009 under the section "My Papers" on the lower right. Or just click here. Unfortunately my notes are only inline (footnotes), as I did not do an extensive analysis of what the Catholic editor was attempting to do.

There are some differences between my reconstruction and that of Herman Detering. I incorporated the work of Winsome Munro, who did some excellent work identifying some Pastoral vocabulary and recognizing some underlying structures and forms, independent of any influence with Marcionite studies. My biggest disagreement with Dr. Detering's reconstruction has to do with the Marcionite openings, where I think he did not follow his usual rigor. Most instructive was John J. Calbeaux's work on the Ephesians 1:1 and its dependence on Romans 1:1. The other notable differences are my decision to exclude 14:7-9 which intrudes upon the theme of dining etiquette and generally social differences (Romans shows dependence on both Corinthians letters); and my removal of the entire ending (Romans 16:25-27) as simply having too many Catholic elements, and even if it started in the heretical camp in shorter form as Dr. Detering shows, its still secondary and would have been unique in the Marcionite Apostolikon - why would anyone bother for a middle of the collection book?

NEXT UP: At the moment I am working on a Marcionite 2 Corinthians Interlinear, which is about half done. It is proving considerably easier than 1 Corinthians because of the block nature of the inserts. I will also put up my Galatians Interlinear (also from about 2009 time frame) later this month. Looking further down the road, a complete analysis of Matthew's use of the Antithesis, with a general commentary on the Synoptic problem and what Quelle actually is.

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